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Free-to-play most advanced strategic game ever made based on decentralized blockchain algorithm. Do you ever play game which you love and enjoy every time you explore it? Sirius is one of them and even more. Go beyond your expectations and join millions of players across the world to fight, love and win!


Sirius is a strategic game where all elements of the game make sense. We hope you know how to build real strategy and outplay your opponent. Actually, it can be complicated, but win is so delicious.


Sirius is new generation moba which world never seen before. The best mathematicians has build most accurate balance to made this game #1 in e-sport industry. We are excited to what we can’t disclose at this moment !

Play and Get Paid

Do you know any game which pays for playing games ? We do !!! Do you wonder how is that possible ? let’s find our together !

Blockchain MarketPlace

Sirius has build in action marketplace where you buy most rare items for cryptocurrency. Moreover, the marketplace will work for any game which uses blockchain technologies and you will be able to exchange items from different games in one trust zone.


Sirius is mmorpg when it comes to pve. Do you enjoy raids with your guild or party members ? Add to this most beautiful graphics and challenging content and what else do you need to succeed ?

Non-Cheater Competition

Sirius is build in mind that cheating is not possible. We claim to be a most competitive game with no hackers, cheaters and other illegal activities.


Just ask us anything.

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